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Upholstery Cleaning Services Melbourne

Professional Upholstery cleaning service for Sofas, Arm Chairs, Couches, Chairs and other upholstered furniture.

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The primary step in upholstery cleaning is determining the product and then take the appropriate steps clean the fabric.

Upholstery Cleaning Prolongs the Life of Your Furniture!

As a minimum It's a once a year process

Upholstery Cleaning Service
Upholstery Cleaning - sofa Couch cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Prolongs Its Life

Regular upholstery cleaning should be a primary habit when cleaning time is scheduled for your home.  Fabric is like the skin of any couch, sofa, chair that lets air in and out . When we look at the science of how air and dust particles behave we can see that fabric just like out air conditioning filters need regular cleaning. Not as often as air conditioners but as often as required.
When we neglect to clean upholstery for a while, the fabric and dust stick to each other that creates a barrier which interferes with the passage of air. When that occurs the fabric colour starts to look dull, dirty and attracts other pollutants and living creatures.
Just like carpets, our sofas capture not only dust but human dead skin flakes. We’ve mentioned in out carpet cleaning page that organic matter is food for dust mites which multiply and grow within the fabric.  When dust mites enter the equation they create droppings which are very harmful to humans and pets. Dust mite droppings are toxic and cause asthma type reactions in children and elderly.
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Sofa, Couch Upholstery Cleaning Services

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Sofa Cleaning Services
Sofa Cleaning Services

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

We offer limited Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Services for:

  • Corporate Offices,
  • Retail Stores,
  • and Schools.

We’ll do the cleaning whether it’s a regular contract work or just one off job. It really does not matter, we’ll come in do our best to clean your upholstery and furniture.

Perhaps due to the vicinity of people, upholstery cleaning is best done in the absence of people.  That is why we offer to come in and work early morning, day time, late evenings or weekends. We are flexible and will do our best to make your upholstery and other furniture cleaner.

O2Z Cleaning Services can work to regular maintenance cleaning. This can be arranged based on your needs and upholstery cleaning requirements. Contact us and speak with us today.

Residential and Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Services in these & nearby Suburbs

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We use eco-friendly chemicals to clean fabric. Safe for your furniture, humans and pets alike.

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O2Z Cleaning Service is open 7 days and work, day, evening and weekends.
We offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Call us, we are friendly and offer good rates.

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